It’s time. In January 2007, when Kaleb was four months old, I discovered that a few friends were doing this newly trendy thing called blogging. Mom bloggers weren’t a big thing yet: my friends and I just wrote about life, pregnancy, and babies. There was no thought to SEO, word count, or number of unique [...]

The back story: On July 2, 2012, Corey and I were pleasantly surprised to discover that a fourth little Christen was on the way. Although we were content with having three kids, we wanted a fourth, but after so many complications from retained placenta with my other pregnancies we had accepted that a fourth baby [...]

I’ll preface this post by reassuring you that all is well physically with baby and I. This was simply one of those weeks where life was a bit bumpy and tiring. The kids (one in particular) had a week filled with explosive temper tantrums and emotional meltdowns. Staying calm, yet maintaining firm boundaries for acceptable [...]

I’m off the couch. Today is my first full day of normalcy. I’m 30 weeks pregnant now. The baby is strong and healthy. I haven’t had bleeding for about 2 months and am showing no signs of preterm labour. I can begin gradually increasing my activity. I can even begin light exercise at the swimming [...]

Yes, I’ve been limited to the couch for almost 100 days now. The good news, I’m 30 weeks now and will be full-term in a mere 7 weeks. That’s only 49 more days. Although I’ve been keeping busy tackling my to-do lists for a pile of business tasks that can be done over the computer, [...]

While I still have an equal mix of good days and bad, I’m finding my new normal while on rest. My weeks have a sense of routine again (instead of a feeling of scrambling, panic, and wondering how we’re going to get through). Our support systems are falling into place and we have contingency plans [...]

Yes folks, I am officially embarking on my 4th week of rest. While I initially had grand visions of doing vast amounts of work online during this time off my feet, I’ve found myself with an irritable uterus and wanting to do nothing more than curl up and watch TV. An irritable uterus during pregnancy [...]