On Saturday, Corey whisked me away for a romantic weekend to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary (which was actually yesterday). Upon our arrival home, and after picking up the kids from their grandparents’ house, I captured these photos: He’s definitely a keeper!  

Hubby wants a new name.¬†One of the reasons I initially went with Hubby was to give him some extra privacy online since this blog is more about me and my experiences than it is about him. I’m comfortable with people knowing my full name, but don’t want to name my husband or kids without their [...]

August 1, the day after my latest emergency room adventure (I’m nicely drugged up in these photos), Hubby and I packed up the boys and headed to Hatzic Lake in Mission, BC to show them where Daddy proposed to Mommy 10 years ago! I was working as a camp counsellor at a local summer camp [...]