Milestone: I’m officially 17 weeks today. Overall, it was a day of mixed emotions: I spent my morning watching Sesame Street and Bob the Builder instead of attending an incredible event that I have been busy co-planning for a few months. I watched the conference twitter stream and lived vicariously through my tweeps. I felt [...]

3 sick kids + 2 sick parents = loads of TV

We were going to name her Deste. It’s an Ethiopian name meaning “joy”. In the fall of 2007, Corey and I began our adoption journey. We always dreamed of having a family that would include both biological and adopted children. In 2008, we completed the educational requirements for becoming adoptive parents (we experienced a miscarriage [...]

This is a picture of me. I’m hugging K and holding E (the other child is E when she’s bigger according to K). The pink circles surrounding us are hearts. I must be doing something right to deserve such a happy picture!

At the grocery store checkout, I discovered that M was holding a couple extra cans that I knew I didn’t grab. Because we don’t have a dog. I looked at my adorable little thief and said, “Swiper, no swiping!!” He replied, “Oh, man!” I was kinda hoping that watching Dora the Explorer would teach him [...]

I’m not sure what exactly is going on here . . . but it doesn’t look good.

Since getting my new camera, I have discovered that M totally hams it up as soon as the camera is on him. It’s nearly impossible to capture a picture of him where his mouth is not wide open. I wonder why this is?!