photo per day

The vibrant colours of changing leaves make fall one of my favourite seasons (despite all the west coast rain). And, I’m excited to have a camera that can actually capture their brilliance! This mapletastic photo makes me feel nicely Canadian.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on here . . . but it doesn’t look good.

Since getting my new camera, I have discovered that M totally hams it up as soon as the camera is on him. It’s nearly impossible to capture a picture of him where his mouth is not wide open. I wonder why this is?!

A photographer friend of mine helped me choose a new camera that is user-friendly for photography newbies, but will also grow with me as I develop my skills. I have now become slightly obsessed with learning some actual photography techniques. I even plan to take a couple courses. In the meantime, E has been my model as [...]

I left the blogosphere last week to go to a Family Camp with my crew. We were far too busy relaxing and having fun, so I didn’t take many pictures. Here are a few photos of my boys enjoying the lake and the camp waterslide on the only sunny day that we had (thankfully, now [...]

Lately KC has been letting me know if he doesn’t like something that I’m wearing. The other day I went upstairs, got dressed, and came back down only to have him say, “I thought you were going to get dressed.” Now, a more self-conscious woman might be offended; however, I know my clothes look decent, [...]

E at one month old, dressed like her Minnie Mouse doll (unintentionally). It was Corey’s birthday and I put her in a new dress. KC noticed that E and Minnie were well-matched in both size and clothing choice. E did a fantastic job of keeping me company when I was resting and recovering this past [...]