When I Have a Challenging Week

I’ll preface this post by reassuring you that all is well physically with baby and I. This was simply one of those weeks where life was a bit bumpy and tiring.

The kids (one in particular) had a week filled with explosive temper tantrums and emotional meltdowns. Staying calm, yet maintaining firm boundaries for acceptable age-appropriate behaviour is draining.

I’m adjusting to being back on my feet. A fabulous transition so far, but it means finding a new normal once again. And, I’ve had to ensure that I don’t overexert myself in my excitement.

Then, this morning, I bumped a curb in the school parking lot (with my tire) which caused my tire to blow. ETA: I learned after the tire was fixed this afternoon that I bumped nothing, I drove over something sharp that popped my tire.

I heard the loud noise and noticing that a few parents were staring, I decided to try to drive to my dealership that was a few blocks away to check out the damage. Honestly, I was embarrassed and didn’t want to look like an idiot. (Note that by stopping and checking out the damage right away, I would have looked like less of an idiot than I did in the end. Lesson learned.) Although, to be fair, at this point I thought I probably gave the side of my van a good ding and didn’t realize what had actually happened until I was driving down the road. When the van began leaning to one side, losing traction, and rumbling, I clued in that I had a flat tire and pretty much began to panic as I drove down the road, praying to make it to the dealership without doing more damage, not knowing what to do. By the way, honking at someone to inform them of their flat tire is not helpful when their anxiety is already through the roof.

Things got better from there . . .

A few years ago, when we had days where nothing seemed to go right, Corey and I began doing something that helps us regain perspective: we stop whatever we are doing and list 5 good things that are happening in our lives before carrying on. And, that is what I need to do now before carrying on with my day.

5 Good Things:

1. While driving in my panicked state, a dad who had followed me from the school parking lot pulled alongside me and indicated I roll down my window. When I shouted, “I know it’s flat. I’m trying to get to the dealership.” he told me to pull over ahead and he’d fix things for me. Turns out he’s a mechanic and he quickly changed my tire for me so I could carry on for another few blocks to the dealership to get a new tire. That was a good thing since I was getting close to damaging the rim. As you can see from the picture below, the tire completely blew out.

flat tire

2. I don’t think there is any other damage to my van. By the end of the day, I should have a new tire and a few hundred dollars less in my bank account. The situation could have been much worse.

3. Corey and I have amazing people in our lives. The support we’ve received this week, whether dealing with flat tires or behaviour issues, has been incredible. Not to mention all the amazing people who rallied around us while I was stuck on the couch for three months. My goal in life is to pay it forward whenever possible as a way of expressing my gratitude!!

4. I’m off bed rest. The baby is strong, healthy, and kicking me while I type. I’m in the homestretch for this pregnancy and can be an active part of preparing my kids for the adjustment of welcoming their final sibling. I could deal with the stresses that arose this week without worrying about preterm labour or other complications.

5. In spite of the daily grind of parenting and life’s little setbacks, I am surrounded by many good things. I have a comfortable home, healthy food to eat, people to love, work that inspires me, and time to drink a cup of tea and reflect on these good things.

And, with that said, my mood has been reset. *smiles*


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LisaDay February 14, 2013 at 5:40 am

What a great idea – five things to put life in perspective. Glad to hear all is well.

LisaDay┬┤s last [type] ..And all it took was school


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